How To Do A Proper Seo On Website

How To Do A Proper Seo On Website

How To Do A Proper Seo On Website:

Are you looking for an SEO strategy that will actually increase your traffic? Well keep watching. Because I’m going to show you my four pillar SEO strategy that works.

Alright so let’s start with pillar one of my SEO strategy framework. So the first pillar of this SEO strategy is to focus on pleasing your users. So what does it mean to please your users? It means that users (searchers) should have a seamless experience on your website. To illustrate how important user experience is for SEO performance here is a quote from John Mueller. who is the head webmaster trans-analyst at Google.

How To Do A Proper Seo On Website

Fazee said How     To Do A Proper Seo On Website, I see lots and lots of SEO blogs talking about user experience. which is a great thing to focus on as well, because that kind of focuses on what we are trying to look at as well. We want to rank content that is useful for them (Google Search Users). if your content is useful for them, then we want to rank it. So the main takeaway here is that Google values user experience.

So how do you go about actually improving user experience on your website? And improving your user experience all starts with technical SEO. And there are two parts to technical SEO that you need to understand. There are high impact technical issues, and there are low impact technical issues. But before I jump in to all the technical issues that you can fix to improve user experience. I want to tell you a quick story to help illustrate the importance of understanding how to do “technical SEO“.

SEO Is Not that Hard

So back in 2016/17 a supplement company in St. Louis came to my company because they wanted help with their SEO performance. and they were already doing well, from many different perspectives. They were doing well with social media, they were doing well off line. They were doing very, very well and the company was growing month to month. But they needed to improve their organic search performance. So as soon as we brought them on as a client, the first thing we did was we ran a complete SEO audit.

And because they’re an e-commerce website we wanted to make sure that the website was built on a strong foundation. Before we started building out new content and assets and trying to get backlinks. So we focused on the technical side of their website and the user experience side of their website first. So in this audit we uncovered all kinds of stuff including their navigation not being set up and their site architecture not being built well.

How To Do A Proper Seo On Website

And then we also found all kinds of issues having to deal with duplicate content. Thin content and several other technical issues that you’re going to be learning about later on in this video. So then after going through the process of finding all these technical issues and user experience issues. and then fixing all them, we were able to increase this client’s organic search traffic by 93%. And this was all achieved by improving the technical “Seo performance” and the user experience on their website.

improving the technical SEO performance

So now that you know the power of improving the technical seo performance of your website. I’m going to show you the high impact actions you should focus on. So the first action you need to take to improve you website’s technical performance and user experience is to increase your website loading speed.

So I don’t know about you but a slow loading website is one of the most painful experiences you can have online. And the truth is a slow loading website won’t only hurt your organic search performance, but it can actually hurt your business as well. According to HubSpot, a one second delay in website loading speed, can reduce conversions by 7%. Now that’s the bad news, but the good news is that increasing your website loading speed can also have the opposite effect.

How To Do A Proper Seo On Website

According to Mozilla Firefox they were able to reduce their average website loading speed by 2.2 seconds. which increased their downloads by 15.4% and when you think about it, that’s a massive increase for a website like Firefox that gets a ton of traffic.

Now there are countless studies showing the importance of website loading speed. it’s effect not only on your organic search traffic performance but also on your business’s performance as well. But I’m not going to bore you with more statistics.

Favorite SEO tool

And my favorite tool for benchmarking website loading speed is Pingdom. Here is how you use it. go to and enter your URL. And when I’m working on a new website I’ll run the site through Pingdom five to 10 times from different locations, so I can get an average loading speed. This process will look a little bit like this. So as you can see here I have five tests all from different locations which all are showing different website loading speeds at that time and that location.

And then what I do is go ahead and average them all out so I can get a general idea of what the average loading speed is for this particular website. Because now this will act as a benchmark, so that I know how I’m going to improve on that. It’s important to have benchmarks because it’s going allow you to track your progress as well. So after you get your average website loading speed.

How To Do A Proper Seo On Website

you now need to start taking the steps to improve it. so the question is where do you start? Well, there are countless resources online about how to improve your website loading speed. but there is one thing that is going to determine how fast your website actually loads.

The one thing that’s going to determine how your website loads is your web hosting. Listen you can make all kinds of micro changes to try to improve your website loading speed. but nothing is going to have a bigger impact than your actual web host.

And so I have tried hundreds of web hosts throughout the years and the only one that I can recommend and the one that I personalize use is WP Engine. So now you know the importance of a fast loading website.

second big technical SEO Problem

But now I want to talk about the second big technical SEO action, you need to take. The second high impact technical SEO action you need to take is to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. So I sound like a broken record at this point but it is so important that your website is mobile friendly.

Because the majority of all traffic that is coming to your website at this point more than likely is going to be coming from mobile and there are some exceptions to the rule such as my website which is B2B traffic. I’m going to be getting a lot more desktop traffic but it is not always going to be that way, and it is a safe action to take to make sure that your website is responsive and is friendly on a mobile device.

But listen I don’t want you to take my word for it because I want to give you some real data about this trend that is going on with mobile traffic. According to Smart Insights mobile digital media time in the U.S. is now higher at 51%, compared to desktop at 42%.

So now the question is how do you go about actually making your website “mobile friendly“and responsive? Well the first step is to see if your website is currently mobile friendly. And so, the best way to do this and to see if your website is currently mobile friendly is to use Google’s own tool for checking mobile friendliness.

How To Check That Your website IS mobile friendly

So you can open up Google and search mobile friendly. test in Google and you can use the embedded tool that they have in the search results. ut I prefer using the actual tool that they have provided, and all you need to do is enter your target URL click run tests to get started. And after the analysis is complete, Google will tell you whether your website is mobile friendly.

So what do you do if your website is not mobile friendly? Well, there are a few options. The first option is if you have the capital to invest you can reach out to web design and web development companies in your local area. So jus a simple search like St. Louis web design company will give you lots of options to choose from.

How To Do A Proper Seo On Website

Or what you can do is you can create a job posting on Upwork and hire a freelance web designer which is usually more affordable than hiring a company. You have to be comfortable working with people outside of your country.

For example:

my web designers are located in Ukraine and my Desiner is located in Russia. So you have to feel comfortable working with people all around the globe. And I can tell you from experience they often tend to be some of the best workers that you will encounter in your business.

But now lets say you don’t have the budget to hire a company or freelancer. Then the third and most affordable option is to do it yourself. So going about doing it yourself will depend on the content management system.

Back TO Point

  1. So now you know that your website needs to load very, very, fast. Your website needs to be “mobile friendly“. and now I want to explain the third and final high impact technical SEO. action you need to take which is to make sure that you develop an effective site architecture.
  2. So I’m not going to get to deep into how to develop a site architecture. because there are tons of great resources out there and I could create an entire video on that topic alone. but there are three primary objectives that you need to achieve when you are structuring your site architecture.
  3. So you need to find a fine balance between structuring your architecture for number one. user experience which means how easy is it for users to go through your website. and to flow through your website and is your website forcing them to think in anyway because a good website will feel seamless . the user won’t even have to think as they’re trying to go through the website.
  4. The second thing you need to consider when structuring your architecture is how well it can be crawled by Google spiders. because you want Google to be able to crawl your website so that it can index all the pages on your website, into the search engine.
  5. And the third and final goal that you need to achieve on structuring. your architecture is building the actual authority through your architecture. Because if you develop a great site architecture you’ll be able to spread precious backlink authority through your entire website and even to your most important pages so that your website will become more authoritative and as your website becomes more authoritative it becomes much easier to rank.
  6. So at this point you understand the three high impact technical SEO and user experience optimization actions that you need to take. But now I want to show you some of the micro technical issues that aren’t going to have a huge impact on your performance. but they’re still very important to fix to make sure that you’ve built a very strong foundation for your SEO campaign.

Now What are broken links

So the first micro technical issue you need to handle are broken links and 404 errors. So to find broken links all you need to do is use a free tool like and once you’re there, juts enter your URL and click find broken links. And export all the broken links that this tool finds to whatever type of SEO campaign sheet. you’re using so that you can then go through and start fixing all these broken links.

And if you’re using WordPress. there is a plug in you can install called broken link checker. which will perform the same function as except it’s going to crawl your website. and you’re going to be able to identify what those broken links are at a higher rate than using So keep in mind that broken links and 404 errors do sometimes go hand in hand. So the process for when you find broken links is very straight forward. You go through all your broken links and you fix all those broken links and you make them not broken anymore.

Set Error Like 404, 301,302,errors

So in most cases, you want to let a 404 page be a 404 page because it is a signal to Google that you actually want that page to be removed from the index because it no longer exits. But there are sometimes where you do not want certain pages to continue to be 404’s and usually the one circumstance where you do not want a 404 to be pulled out of the index and to just be a 404 page is when that 404 page has backlinks.

And when a 404 page has backlinks you have two options, number one, you can redirect that 404 page to a relevant page on your website, which should be your first option and if there isn’t a relevant page on your website, then you just want to take that 404 page and redirect it to the home page so that you can salvage that link equity. So at this point.

how do you actually go about finding 404’s errors? There are many different ways to go about finding them, but my favorite way to find 404 errors is to use Google search consul. So to find 404 errors in Google Search Consul, simply go to the crawl section, click on crawl errors, and then click on the not found tab, and then lastly go ahead and just export, all of these 404 errors. And after you export these results, you’ll want to see if any of these pages have backlinks.

So there are two types of redirects that cause problems. Number one, 302 redirects. And number two, redirect chains. Let me start with 302 redirects. So the main reason why you want to fix 302 redirects is because of the small possibility that they do not pass link equity.

Now About content

So the first issue is thing content. And at it’s most basic level, think content is going to be any page that doesn’t add much value to the user. And also keep in mind that thin doesn’t necessarily mean short word counts.It can also mean that the pages are regurgitated content where the content doesn’t actually bring anything new to the table.

And that is why Google’s Panda algorithm hates thin content. So with that said, these types of pages either need more content or need to be eliminated completely because they will drag your website down.And so here is how you can find thin content on your website. All you need to do is open Screaming Frog SEO Spider enter your target domain and start the analysis.


Once the analysis is complete, stay on the internal tab and make sure the filter is set to all and then click export. Now what you want to do is open up the CSV file. Highlight the first row and then place a filter on this row. Then scroll to the right until you find the word count column and then you can delete all of the columns to the left of this column except for the address column.

duplicate content

So with that said, this is how you can find duplicate content. So my personal favorite way to find duplicate content is to use Siteliner. All you need to do is enter your URL and then let this tool work its magic. Once the analysis is complete, you’ll see all the pages on your site that have duplicate content and in my experience the free version is more than enough to show you whether or not duplicate content is an issue on your particular website.

Find KeyWord or keyword research

So go to the and enter a topic into the search bar in the right hand side. And then simply go into the topic and copy all of the ideas you find that have a lot of user engagement around them. So now that you know a few ways that you can find keywords and content ideas. you now have to go through the process of actually qualifying those ideas and then prioritizing your keyword list because you’re not going to be able to go out after every single keyword that you found so you need to have a process in place to be able to filter through all these keywords that you found and then most be able to rank them so you can actually start taking the steps to target those specific keywords. So the truth is that most people use search volume from the Google keyword planner as their guiding light to determine what keywords they want to go after. And this is totally fine.

Theme of Site

There are blue over here so that’s a way to optimize your page to put some external links in it. but you also can do is underline the term you want to be found on. So let me search for ‘Best WordPress themes after 2017’. I can say make it bold and I can underline WordPress themes over here and do the same for X themes, make it bold.

Avada make it bold once. The word you want to be found on I should make them bolds. So that’s what I did some external links and some words I make bold. The next thing I want to import some images. I upload them already, so I click here I say Add media and go to my media library. This is the X theme.

WordPress X themes, you will see the title of the images were WordPress X theme. Over here I removed the dashes and I copy this and I place it here. It’s Alt Text and I want to display it at the left or at the right, not in the full size, but large like this. Insert it into the post, it’s still quite big, so I’m going to make it a little bit smaller.

Update, and then the second one Avada at media Avada this one, small at the left, insert it into the post, and enfolds here again at media, right medium, oh I need to have to enfold theme. This one WordPress Enfold theme. Right so this is important.

The title needs to be WordPress Enfold theme and the Alt text needs to be WordPress Enfold Right, insert it into the posts and then I want to have a featured image and actually I don’t know, what I could choose maybe I can get some inspiration, best WordPress themes, images there are all kinds of themes. So let’s take I saw this one, which is Enfold, set the featured image. So now we have over here a Header one, so it’s an h1 tag, over here h1 opening X theme.

Plugin For WordPress

We did quite some optimization already and we did not even install Yoast yet. Which is an SEO plugin. Now people can comment, which is great. OK let’s install Yoast. I go to the back-end of the website. I go to plugins, add new, and search for Yoast SEO enter and search for plug-in, that is installed more than a million times and it is this one, install now and activate the plug-in.

The plugin is activated, remove this and I remove, that so I go to posts all posts, Best WordPress themes 2016 and I scroll down all the way. Yoast SEO and this is new, since we have installed the plugin. This looks like Google and this is what we can change on our website. So I can decide here, how I want my WordPress blog post to be shown in the Google search results.

So this looks nice and here you see a code, it says title, page of the title, page separator that’s okay and the site name. Well I don’t like this. So if I go to SEO titles and metas and they go to post types, site template. I can say title page and actually I like this more and I just say WordPress King. So it gives us the title or the page and this and WordPress King. I do the same over here for pages and for title templates and for products. I save the changes and now if I go to posts and I go to best WordPress Themes 2018/19.

I scroll all the way down, it will be something like this. So that looks a little bit better. If you want to change it, just click on it and then you can change it over here.

Index in Google

I wanted to be shown in google, so I select it over here and that is how it works. If you want to be found better in google, what you need to do is start creating more available content about the subject you want to be found on. It is a lot of work, there can be only one page, number one in Google search results.

It is a lot of work, but there can only be one page on the number one search results in google. So even though you know how to optimize your website you need to beat the competition by creating more valuable content that people will like. As share this on Facebook. So view post, it can take a while before Google sees this page. But if I go to my Facebook and I post it. You see there’s no picture yet and it takes sometimes.

My Opinion

I often way today and then Google can take blog into google and then I post it on Facebook and I get a nice image, as I have shown here. It is now 38 hours later, I select the blog post. I go to my Facebook, it’s here in Dutch. I place the link over here, you see no picture right now, I like to say something.

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